Pallet Trade and Manufacturer of Pallets, Lattice Boxes & Wooden Packings

With many years of experience in the pallet trade and as a manufacturer of pallets, we are a reliable partner for the industry. Starting with the pallet trade, we have developed into a service company for all aspects of pallet logistics. We produce special pallets and one-way pallets according to the individual wishes of our customers.

Lüning Paletten - Your Partner for Production, Trade and Import.

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We are fast, flexible and independent thanks to our own vehicle fleet.

Packaging for Export

Teaser Packaging for Export

On request, your pallets will be treated according to IPPC standard.

Individual Wooden Packings

Teaser Wooden Packings

We construct your crates/export packaging

Loading automobiles in the port of Bremerhaven

Vehicles are being loaded in the port of Bremerhaven - on Lüning’s "Vario Pallet"!

WAB e.V. - windenergy network

WAB e.V.

We are a new member of WAB e.V. - windenergy network!

WindEnergy Hamburg Trade fair

Windenergie Messe Hamburg

We were at the trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg in 2022.

WindEnergy Hamburg Trade fair

Windenergie Messe Hamburg

... and looking forward to the next trade fair!