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Special Pallets and One-Way Pallets

For all pallets, two-way and four-way, we are able to offer an IPPC treatment (heat treatment against pest infestation) for export, including stamp or branding and certificate. We produce according to your specifications.

Chemical Pallets from CP1 to CP9

We supply high-quality chemical pallets that meet all standards with regard to quality, safety and environment.

Paper Pallets

Pallets made to measure. Different paper cuts in small and large quantities. Chamber-dried and suitable for the transport with a pallet truck.


For covering sensitive goods. Lids or also grids made of wood as closure on packed pallets. To protect the goods and also to secure the edges when lashing tightly with steel band and tightening strap. Individual dimensions are available.

We produce individual special pallets of any type - just contact us, we are pleased to help you..

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